Watch These Two Rich Pussies Have A Fight Over Whose Daddy Has More Money

Rich Kid Skiiers Fight

No joke.

Although violence is never really the answer, there are definitely a number of things that it’s probably worth having a fight with someone over, like if your buddy sleeps with your girlfriend, or if someone rips you off, or if someone is just being a bonafide dickhead about everything.

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What probably isn’t acceptable to have a massive fight about, is whether your dad earns more money than your buddy who you just met on the ski slope’s dad. Especially when you’re actually on the ski slopes.

That doesn’t stop these two kids go fully at it on the middle of the slopes, whilst trading insults about who gets to drive their dad’s cars and whether they have more than $5million in the bank or not. Seriously.

Well, that was pretty stupid wasn’t it? FYI I think the kid that was doing the beating probably wins in both the fight and the argument too, because the other kid says ‘your family owns COP’ and COP is the Calgary Olympic Park where they’re skiing. Not too shabby.

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