Two Male Penguins Are Raising A Baby Whose Gender Is Unknown

Gay Penguin 1

The gay penguins of Australia.

In the past few years, concepts such as same sex parents and gender fluidity have become a lot more widespread than they have in previous years and those that doubt that these may be legitimate ways of behaving may want to look at this example from the animal kingdom to illustrate that they’re both inherent traits throughout nature.

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The story comes courtesy of Sphen and Magic, two gay penguins living in a colony of penguins Sydney Zoo in Australia. The zookeepers were so impressed by their love for one another and commitment to having a child by building a nest that they decided to give them a trial egg for 28 days to see how they looked after it.

After they passed with flying colours, the zookeepers gave them the unwanted egg of another female within the colony – females normally lay two eggs and discard one – and on Friday it became the first egg out of 91 to hatch. Magic and SPhen immediately noticed that the egg had started to hatch – sometimes this can take a few days for the penguins to realise – and started to sing to their child through the crack in the egg.

Gay Penguin

Three months alter and Sphengic as the chick has been named is almost fully grown. Nobody is aware of its gender yet as penguins don’t have outward reproductive organs so this can only be discovered via a blood test when its fully grown. Nevertheless, Magic and Sphen have been praised by the zookeepers for doing an excellent job of parenting the chick, regularly feeding, singing and doing everything they can to look after it.

Zookepeer Tish Hannan said the following about the couple and their relation to what’s going on in the wider world now:

Penguins are born with the ability to raise chicks from start to finish whether they’re male or female, and that’s quite an interesting thought to keep in mind.

We’re the same.

Damn straight. Take inspiration from these two penguins over there who have apparently turned into gay icons in Australia. Legends.

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