There’s Going To Be A Two Hour Documentary On Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold

And that’s the bottom line.

I dunno about you, but every time I hear a bottle smash I expect to hear that stupid music and see the Texas Rattlesnake heading on down to the ring to unleash a can of whoopass and about seven stunners on everyone in the vicinity.

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Aside from The Rock, I don’t think there are many more legendary wrestlers than Stone Cold Steve Austin and so it’s not really any surprise that following on from their excellent Andre The Giant documentary, A & E have decided to profile him next in their next venture. They’ve actually announced two hour long programmes on five wrestlers, but I’m not really sure that any of them fill me with excitement as much as one about Austin – Macho Man Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels and Booker T will also be getting the treatment, but even HBK isn’t iconic as Austin right? Sure they will be fine watches though as well.

The documentaries will feature new interviews with each of the superstars they’re profiling – providing they’re alive of course – as well as never before seen footage and sound bites from other people in the business and fans. The bad news is that the Shawn Michael and Stone Cold ones – which are clearly going to be the best ones – aren’t scheduled to air until 2021, but the other three will air sometime next year in the spring. I suppose you don’t wanna hit the Stunner before you’ve done the lupine press though so that does make sense. Just sucks we gotta wait so long.

In the meantime, enjoy that video of Stone Cold doing what he does best I put in the middle of the article. If that still isn’t enough, check him out delivering the iconic 3:16 speech for the first time. Legendary.


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