The Two Hour Documentary On The Haunted House From The Conjuring Found ‘Incredible Occurrences’

Something wasn’t right there.

The Conjuring Universe may have gone down its own little wormhole with the number of spinoffs and sequels that have now been produced, but it’s important to remember that the original movie was based on true events at an allegedly haunted house, which are now the subject of a two hour documentary.

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The Rhode Island property will appear in the episode of Ghost Adventures hosted by Zac Bagans, and he’s claiming that they’ll uncover some incredible occurrences that the Perron family claimed to experience during their stay in the house, including  satanism, seances, demonic possession, levitating chairs, smells of rotting flesh wafting through the house, and family members speaking in tongues. Bagans has also revealed that the original investigators that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s characters are based on in the movie will appear and contribute to the documentary, adding a real air of authenticity into their inquiry.

Bagans said the following about the documentary’s progress:

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We;’re halfway through this iconic investigation that most people have heard about from The Conjuring.

Many new details uncovered, incredible occurrences have been documented and the best part has been working alongside actual persons involved from that 1973 case.

I mean it really does sound like it’s going to be a must see when it premieres on Halloween in the US, No air date has been confirmed yet in the UK, but it’s looking likely that it will be sometime around then as well. Why waste the Halloween timeslot hey?

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