Two Fatass Juggalos Have A Bare Knuckle Fist Fight In The Street

Two Juggalos Bare Knuckle Fighting

Who needs UFC when you’ve got this?

If you’re unsure of what a juggalo is, then you need to watch this documentary about the gathering of the juggalos immediately, you won’t be disappointed. They’re basically fans of the Insane Clown Posse and they like dressing up as clowns and then pouring soda all over each other – it’s a really fun subsection of society.

However, as with all sections of society, even within the juggalo community there’s sometimes beef and like the old days it’s generally settled via an old fashioned fist fight. In this clip below, two fatass juggalos are going at it with their tops off in the street after one of them was caught pissing in the other’s car, as you do sometimes.

There are some absolutely classic lines in here as they go about serving up some redneck justice juggalo style. It’s hard to believe people like this actually exist, but there are so many juggles that they even have their own section of OK Cupid. True love eh?


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