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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Best New Tumblr Find (probably something to do with those jerks at Yahoo!, right?) and it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve written anything about juggalos and the Insane Clown Posse so it’s great that I can combine the two in this article after I stumbled onto juggalos of Ok Cupid earlier today.

I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than Goths on OK Cupid – both of them are definitely unique and expose just how retarded and weird certain subcultures can be – but I think the juggalo one might just be better because juggalos tend to be complete meathead morons whereas goths just tend to be completely weird and funny looking. I guess it all depends on which one you think is the funniest out of those two opportunities for hilarity though. For me, it’s juggalos. That might not be for everyone however, and I can appreciate that sure.

Maybe when you’ve seen a few of these pictures of juggalos taken from juggalos of OK Cupid though you might feel a bit different about the whole thing though. The tumblr is set up really nicely so you get a picture of the juggalo – which would be great on its own – and a couple of choice quotes from their profiles around their pictures. It works REALLY well, as you’ll see below.

Some of these are completely mental and I don’t really understand how anyone would think that writing this kind of stuff on a dating site is actually going to get you a date with anyone. I mean telling people that you’re into midget lesbians having sex with obese people, or that you’ve taken the Disturbed lyrics test, or that you’re on meth in your display picture aren’t exactly ways to get girls to fall at your feet are they? Or maybe I’ve been doing it wrong. Unsure.

No I think I have this right. I mean maybe if it was solely a juggalo dating website then yeah, you could probably score a date but on a real dating website? I’m not so sure. Surely juggalos only wanna go out with each other – I mean someone who isn’t a juggalo probably isn’t gonna think it’s real cool that the put clown makeup on all the time and spray each other with Faygo –  and it can’t really be that hard to find other juggalos right? Just head to the nearest ICP show. Or if they’re not touring then one of the other terrible bands associated with that kind of music. Or if that doesn’t work wherever anyone scores meth because it’s almost guaranteed that a juggalo will be hanging around there.

Anyway, check out all these juggalos on OK Cupid and laugh about how stupid they are. It seems like there’s always someone worse than you at online dating. If you want more of this good stuff then head on over to OK Cupid Juggalos. It rules.

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Juggalos Of OK Cupid 1

Juggalos Of Ok Cupid 20

Juggalos Of Ok Cupid 19

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Juggalos Of Ok Cupid 12

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