This Twitter User Visits All The New York Tabloid Landmarks Of The Mid-Noughties

Pop culture died in 2009.

Usually when you take a trip to visit a famous city, you tend to visit all the local tourist attractions. When in Rome, it’s either the ancient colosseums or Vatican City where the cool pope lives. For Paris, the Eiffel Tower. The majority of holidaymakers that head to New York tend to spend their time ogling The Statue Of Liberty, The Empire State Building or chill out in Central Park.


But not this guy. Twitter user Popculturediedin2009 recently ventured New York City in search of all the landmarks made famous by the mid 2000s tabloids and magazine glossies. In a world before the Kardashians reigned supreme, when baby-voiced heiress Paris Hilton became the first ever reality TV idol and ‘Mean Girls’ actress Lindsay Lohan was flying off the rails, everything felt a lot more fresh compared to the monotony of pop culture today.

Earlier this year, PCDI2009 popped over to Hollywood to look at similarly infamous iconic locations that rocked the media world in the 2000s. The nostalgia is real.

Fabulous. Definitely better than a depressing trip to Butlins, that’s for sure.


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