This Twitter Thread Is Going Viral For Breaking Down The Dominic Cummings Scandal In Hilarious And Accurate Fashion

On point.

The Dominic Cummings sage is looking as if it’s going to drag on until the end of the week at least – even if he does manage to get fired, but the way everything is going I can kinda see him clinging on somehow – and that means there’s gonna be more and more content about him emerging with this Twitter thread being one of the leaders at the moment.

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It comes from some guy called Russ from up in Cheshire who seems to have developed some kind of following as a leftist who tweets a summary of the week’s political events every week entitled ‘The Week In Tory’. Obviously there’s some degree of bias here, but even if you’re a staunch Conservative I find it hard to believe that you can’t find at least some points of contention with his actions here.

Anyway, his analysis gets all the main points in and is also pretty hilarious, so enjoy:

God if that wasn’t so funny in its presentation it would be completely and utterly depressing wouldn’t it? Oh wait, it’s still really depressing and it looks like (at the time of writing at least) that the government is still defending the guy and he’s not going to be punished in the slightest. I dunno why we should be expecting anything else here though?

For more of the same, check out the best memes about Dominic Cummings’ trip to Durham right here. Some real smashers in there.


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