Twitter Thread Explains How Our Phones Aren’t ‘Listening To Us’ And The Truth Is Far More Sinister

This is messed up.

It’s a well known trope that everyone thinks that their phones are listening to them and recording their conversations as you’ll be speaking about something with someone and then you’ll see adverts for it the next time you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, but it turns out that isn’t actually correct and the truth is far more sinister.

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The reality of the situation comes courtesy of Twitter user Robert G. Reeve who decided to explain to us what was going on after he visited his mother for a week and started seeing adverts for her toothpaste on his phone, despite neither of them mentioning it to one another during his stay. Here’s what he had to say:

Well there you have it. I can’t really say any of this surprises me, but it is kinda crazy just how dystopian the society that we’re currently living in has become and how it’s happened pretty much under our noses and none of us – including me – seem to be that bothered about it.

I’ve stopped all apps on my phone from tracking me after that (Settings, Privacy, Tracking, Off on an iPhone), but I’m sure it won’t be too long until they find a way around it. Question is, will any of us even care about it in the long run?

For more of the same, check out the Camover movement from over in Germany. Those guys had the right idea.


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