Tom Kerridge Says His £32.50 Fish And Chips Is Easily Justifiable Because The Potatoes Are Expensive

‘They’re very expensive potatoes.’

Back in the day, I remember heading down to my local chippy and picking up some excellent fish and chips for about £3.20, but these days I balk at the fact that it’s closer to £7.00 for a decent meal from the same establishment whenever I go back to my parents’ house.

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The fact that you can pick up fish and chips for £32.50 from a restaurant seems absolutely ridiculous to me though. Sure, maybe take it up to £17/£18 if you’re in a nice part of town in a nice restaurant, but any more than that is a complete and utter joke really isn’t it?

Well, not according to chef Tom Kerridge, who argues that the meal from his Bar & Grill restaurant in the Corinthia Hotel in London is easily justifiable because he uses expensive potatoes in it. Lol. Talking to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, he said the following:

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This was fresh dayboat turbot. No-one would question anything and the chips were individually hand-cut from incredibly expensive” potatoes.

If you break it down, it is easily justifiable.

From my point of view, fish and chips is one of the greatest dishes in the world.

There are Japanese three-Michelin star restaurants that are doing tempura, that are specialising in amazing pieces of fish that are deep fried and served and cost the earth.

Why can’t we get the best fish in the world and create the best batter, deep fry it and serve it with amazing potatoes?

I mean yeah it’s a good question, but the answer is probably because people like me don’t really wanna pay more than a fiver for fish and chips, let alone almost thirty five quid. I know the potatoes are meant to be expensive, but it seriously looks like you get around ten chips with it, compared with about a hundred and ten down the local chippy.

I don’t really care how delicious it is, I’m really finding it hard to think that any serving of fish and chips could justify that price tag – let alone one with the poxy amount of chips included here – but hey if Tom Kerridge wants to invite me down for a free sample to prove me wrong, then by all means hit me up. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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