Twitter Concerned Employees Will Sabotage Site; Audio Of All Hands Meeting Leaks



One of the biggest news stories of the week has been the confirmation that Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter for $44 billion and now everyone is talking about what this means for the future of the company and their employees.

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Well, it turns out that their employees are not happy about the acquisition and the possible consequences for their jobs and the direction that the social media platform might head in. So much so in fact that Twitter has locked down its source code to prevent employees making unauthorised changes. Here’s what Blomberg reported on the matter:

Twitter won’t allow product updates unless they’re business-critical.

Product changes will require approval from a vice president, the people said.

Twitter imposed the temporary ban to keep employees who may be miffed about the deal from “going rogue,” according to one of the people.

That doesn’t sound like ‘the people’ or even those in charge are too happy about everything going on in the Twittersphere does it? This was echoed by leaked audio from the all hands meeting on Monday afternoon for employees that was called by Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and Board Chair Bret Taylor.

You can listen to that below but you can read some crucial points from Agrawal underneath that:

There are no plans for any layoffs at this point.

Between now and closing … we will continue making decisions as we’ve always had, guided by the principles we’ve had.

That doesn’t mean things won’t change, things have been changing.

I have been talking about driving positive change at the company, and I will continue doing so because it makes us better and it makes us stronger.

Once the deal closes, different decisions might be made.

This is indeed a period of uncertainty.

All of you have different feelings and views about this news, many of you are concerned, some of you are excited, many people here are waiting to understand how this goes and have an open mind.

If we work with each other, we will not have to worry about losing the core of what makes Twitter powerful, which is all of us working together in the interest of our customers every day.

Yeah, that really doesn’t sound that reassuring does it? There’s no real way we can know what Musk’s plans for Twitter are at this point – except reinforcing free speech of course! – but I think we can all agree it’s probably going to at least be interesting and almost certainly *wacky*. Let’s hope it works out better than when Justin Timberlake bought MySpace.

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