Twitter Is Calling The ‘Professor Lockdown’ Story A ‘Dead Cat’ To Mask Coronavirus Death Figures

Have they got a point?

We brought you the story earlier of a guy named ‘Professor Lockdown’ who broke social distancing laws to allow his married lover to come over for a quick shag twice during lockdown and whilst at first look it seems like your typical dumbass front page news at the moment, several conspiracy theorists on Twitter are accusing it of being the perfect ‘dead’ cat story.

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In case you’re unaware, the idea behind a ‘dead cat’ story is that you hide one piece of horrible news by presenting another one that the public will lap up instead, kinda like how if you bring a dead cat home it will trump whatever you’re talking about at that time. Twitter is arguing that because the Professor Lockdown story took place over a month ago, that the Tory led press had been saving it up to drop whenever something that spun them in a bad light came out i.e. yesterday/today when it was revealed that the UK now had the highest Coronavirus death count in Europe.

Take a look at what people are saying:


I mean all of these people talking are obviously leftist and anti-Tory, but even so you can’t really argue that there might be something to the timing of this news and how it’s dominating all media today – even Sick Chirpse – when we finally became the country with the highest number of Coronavirus related deaths in Europe. Just saying.

For more of the same, check out how foreign media are reporting the UK’s response to Coronavirus. It’s not good.


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