Twitch Streamer Under Investigation For Animal Cruelty Clip (VIDEO)


Even PETA’s getting involved.

Another day, another Twitch streamer doing something completely dumb. Although perhaps, in this case, ‘dumb’ is the wrong word.

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Canadian gamer Natalia Mogollon – better known as Alinity on Twitch – is currently under investigation and facing serious backlash from the online community after she was caught picking up her pet cat Milo and lobbing him behind her head.

The moment in question was brought to light when none other than PETA got involved to tweet the clip:

Although some people argued it was no big deal (it is, hurting animals ain’t cool), a number of gamers were quick to publish further incidents of Alinity acting cruelly towards her pets:

And just in case you aren’t convinced enough already, last year the gamer was filmed swigging vodka and spitting it into Milo’s mouth.

In other words, this girl definitely shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.

Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals confirmed she’s now being investigated – watch this space on more to come.

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