Influencer Twins Are Getting Rinsed For Staging Video Of Them Feeding Homeless Man

It was all to win an iPhone.

Another day, another influencer doing something dumb online. And today we’re seeing double, as it’s the turn of super-rich influencer twins Adelya and Alina Fatkheev.

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The pair are getting rinsed online after they staged a video of themselves feeding a homeless man – all in a bid to win an iPhone.

The unintentionally sinister clip was created for a competition called ‘We Care’, which offered prizes such as iPhones and PlayStations. It shows the 24-year-olds walking down the street dressed in designer gear.

When they stumble across a homeless man in a wheelchair, they look at each other and say, “Poor thing, he probably hasn’t eaten for a long time,” before ordering him some sushi from the Russian version of Deliveroo.

When it turns up (in literally seconds) they proceed to feed the guy tuna rolls and salmon sashimi as if he is incapable of feeding himself.

Honestly, the whole thing is completely creepy and bizarre, made even worse by the fact that local media reports the guy genuinely is homeless and wheelchair-bound, having been paralysed in 2013 after sleeping on the streets and contracting frostbite.

And yet, these sisters thought it would be okay to use him for a little promo video. All in the name of free stuff.

As you’d expect, the internet has been going in on the twins – check out a few of the comments below:

These twins are so divorced from real life that they do not even understand how the poor can be helped.

These hens don’t give a damn about this homeless man, they wanted to get an iPhone, not help a person.

So much hypocrisy in these forty two seconds.

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