Twins Found To Have Different Fathers After DNA Testing


It can happen.

A couple of two year old twins were sent for DNA testing in the Hoa Binh province in Vietnam and have been found to have different fathers.

Although non identical twins are obviously a real thing – I’ve met a couple – these twins were said to have come from the same egg so there was initial concern that the hospital had given the parents the wrong baby when they started to look completely different. One had thick wavy hair and the other had long thin hair, and this was enough to get the parents worried.

Following the DNA test though, it was determined that the twins did in fact have different fathers but had both come from the same egg. I didn’t actually think this was possible, but it is in fact able to happen – it’s just very very rare.

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It happens because sperm can be active inside a woman’s uterus for up to ten days, so if a woman has sex with two different men in a ten day period and her egg is also released at this time, then it’s possible that the egg can be fertilised with two different sperms from two different people. It’s called bi-paternal twins and this is the first case of them in Vietnam’s history.

It also meant that the woman’s 34 year old husband was the father of one of the kids but not the other. Awkward.

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