Website Finds Two Strangers Who Looks Exactly The Same And Makes Them Meet

One of these girls is happier about this than the other.

Twin Strangers is a website that helps people track down their doppelgänger, but they went the extra mile for these two blonde girls who are complete strangers but freakishly identical — arranging for them both to meet in Dublin.

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Here’s how it played out:

Personally, I’d want to know a bit more about my doppelgänger other than “he looks like me” before flying across the world to meet them. To be honest I’m not even sure if I want to hang out with someone who looks identical to me. I don’t really need some dude following me around all day reminding me what I look like.

Maybe it’s different for two smoking hot blonde girls though. They don’t mind looking at a mirror image of themselves 24/7. Although IMO Shannon is better-looking than Sara. I mean yeah they’re identical in photos but put them up next to each other in real life and Shannon completely destroys her. It’s a total massacre. That’s why Sara looks a bit pissed off, she thought they’d be equal levels of attractiveness in person but that wasn’t the case. That’s not to say Sara isn’t cute but Shannon is just amazing, not to mention she’s got that Irish accent going for her.

Almost feel sorry for Sara but she kind of asked for it.

If you’ve yet to meet Leo DiCaprio’s Russian doppelganger – click HERE. Totally uncanny.


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