Pornhub Just Created A $1000 Twerking, Heated, Vibrating Robot Butt That You Can Control With Your Smartphone

The future of masturbation is here.

First they brought us the Wankband, and now Pornhub is gearing up to release another piece of next level wank equipment called the TwerkingButt, which they promise will set a “new benchmark in sexual stimulation.”

That benchmark is basically you stick your dick in it and it begins to twerk, which you then control using an app downloaded to your phone — massage speed, vibration, even the twerking rhythm. It also comes with a virtual reality headset which you can stream porn to using your phone.

Thanks to CyberSkin technology, the robot will even warm itself to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to match that of a human. It will be like having sex with an actual human — imagine that!

You can pre-order one for $699 or get the deluxe one with “twerking technology” for $999.

So I guess fleshlights are out and these bad boys are in. I have personally never used a sex toy — I am a simple man who masturbates simply — but I’d be lying if I said the TwerkingButt hasn’t piqued by interest. Pornhub just doing it big sending porn stars into space for the first ever space porno and now inventing twerking robots for people to ejaculate into.

Just imagine what our great great grandkids will be sticking their dicks into. They won’t know how we lived without the Twerkingbutt all these years.


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