Twerking Drunk Man In Kuwait Knocks Out Policeman With Spinning Roundhouse Kick (VIDEO)

Well that wasn’t very smart.

This man over in Kuwait looks like he was having a whale of a time staggering down the street and busting out some serious Rikishi-style booty-shaking on top of cars in the middle of the road. He also washes his hands in a puddle at one point.

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All fairly harmless stuff until he drops back down to street level and sees a policeman approach him. To be fair in his drunken state maybe he didn’t realise the man was a policeman, but it doesn’t really excuse what happens next.

It’s roundhouse kick time:

Definitely wouldn’t want to be this guy following that little incident. Waking up in a prison cell with the hangover from hell and realising you spent the previous day twerking on top of traffic and roundhousing police officers in the face. OK the twerking part sounds awesome, but assaulting a cop is the opposite of awesome. Especially in a place like Kuwait I’d imagine.



For a substantially more terrifying attack on police, get a load of this guy over in Northampton.


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