Watch The Terrifying Moment A Psychotic Man Tries To Stab A Police Officer With An Eight Inch Knife

Police Officer Attacked Eight Inch Knife

Instead of sitting down and chatting with the police, he runs at them with an eight inch knife and tries to stab both of them, hitting one in the chest.

Earlier today, we featured a video of a policeman shooting a guy in the head over a routine traffic stop when he tried to get away. The footage had been caught on the policeman’s body camera.

Now, here’s some more footage of a policeman’s body camera, only this time from the UK in Northamptonshire. Two officers have come to talk to this guy but instead of sitting down and chatting with them, he runs at them with an eight inch knife and tries to stab both of them, in what is truly a terrifying moment, especially as he manages to hit Officer Alex Prentice in his vest.

How do these policemen and women react? Not by pumping him full of lead (like a US cop would), but by distracting him, pepper spraying him and then whacking him with a baton before handcuffing and arresting him. Compare those two situations and I think we’ll see who handled it the better, despite one situation being about a million times more serious than the other. I’ll let you figure out which one I’m talking about. Admittedly it probably could have been diffused a lot easier if either of the officers had been carrying a taser though.

The man in the video Lee Vickers was jailed for three and a half years for possession of an offensive weapon and attempted assault. Here’s what Prentice had to say about the attack:

It is not the first time we have had to deal with an incident like this but it is the first time I have been hit on the stab vest. If the knife had been two to three inches higher it would have caught me in the neck.

It’s not something we come across every day. Even though you prepare for these situations, they are still difficult to deal with.

Didn’t even ask about guns or tasers, what an absolute badass. Both he and Officer Debbie Wilshart were awarded the Chief Constable’s Commendation and The Boatman Shield at the police wards in May for demonstrating courage, cool resilience and outstanding professionalism in the face of extreme danger. Compare that to the U.S. cop who shot the black guy in the head, who’s currently on trail for murder and there’s only one winner.

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