Those Twats Who Booked The Wrong Airport Have Got A Free Five Star Holiday

Holiday Blunder

Of course they did.

As predicted by many of our readers when the news first broke, those Birmingham morons who booked the wrong airpot for their holiday have been awarded a free five star holiday by Virgin Airways. I hope this leads to a multitude of people booking flights from wrong airports in the attempt to get a free five star holiday.

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It’s interesting to note that – where the flights were originally booked – didn’t bother to do this, just saying they were really sorry but couldn’t do anything about it, and it’s Virgin Holidays who have stepped in to help the troubled couple. That’s some really great PR huh?

Here’s what Kelly Grindle from the company had to say about it:


It was heart-breaking to hear that Richella and Ben couldn’t go on their dream holiday to Las Vegas because of a silly booking mix-up.

Considering we’ve got direct flights from Manchester airport to Las Vegas, we couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

Everyone at Virgin Holidays wants to see them enjoy a well-deserved break, so we’re giving them two economy-class flights with Virgin Atlantic, five nights hotel accommodation, and are waiving all applicable fees and charges.

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Well, they might have thought it was good PR but I’m deliberately not going to fly with Virgin anymore because of this bullshit. Why reward these two muppets with a sick holiday? Not cool at all – how about we reward people who aren’t complete idiots for once?

It is good to know that this time somebody else has booked the flights and they’re flying from Manchester airport – of which I don’t think there is another one in the world – so they’ll PROBABLY actually make it this time. I say probably because I imagine them being the kind of people that might miss a plane.

For more absolute idiots, check out this dude who deleted his whole company with one line of bad code. That’s not so good.


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