This TV Show’s ‘Real Or Fake’ Skit Looks Like Legalised Sexual Assault


Banter or assault? You decide.

We all know that Donald Trump’s views on women can be boiled down to one infamous sentence: “Grab her by the pussy.”

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Although his view is widely unaccepted because, you know, evolution happened, perhaps it appears there is at least one TV presenter who does condone this type of handsy assault. I’m talking about none other than the weather girl Roxana Vancea.

Not only has she become famous because of her on-screen boob shots, but in the clip below she partakes in a game of ‘real or fake’ with her co-presenters. In the skit, you can see one of the male hosts having a good grope of her tits trying to figure out whether she’s had surgical help. As he’s having a proper go on her chest, she can be seen desperately attempting to attract at least some sort of eye contact with her colleague.

Jesus – I thought he was going to turn her around and stick it in right there and then. I guess we should now change the saying to: “Grab her by the tits.” Much more appropriate.

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