Watch This Weather Girl Accidentally Flash Her Boobs Whilst Presenting The Weather

You’ve got to love the weather forecast.

Over in Romania, there’s a new contender for the hottest weather girl ever after 25 year old Roxana Vancea ‘accidentally’ flashed her nipples whilst presenting the weather.

I say ‘accidentally’ because she was wearing a pretty low cut top and then started to run on the spot and do jumping jacks – there was pretty much only ever going to be one way that ended up going, right? I don’t really see anyone complaining though, do you?

And more to the point, why the hell did she need to start jogging on the spot and doing jumping jacks in the first place?

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Ooof. To be fair she handled it quite well, but you know that shit is going viral all over the internet right now.

Is she as much of a babe as this Mexican weather girl though?


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