This New TV Show Is Looking For The Country’s Worst Singers


Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Shows like the ‘X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ have been searching for the best known singers in the country for years now, but it’s common knowledge that some of the most enjoyable episodes are when you see people that are completely crap going up there and trying to belt out a number but completely failing.

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ITV have finally realised the popularity of these sections of the shows and wisely decided to cash in on it with the announcement of their new programme ‘Change Their Tune’:

If you’re looking for more info without clicking on that link then it’s your lucky day because we’ve got it right here. The show will get five terrible singers to perform in front of a studio audience and then thanks to the magic of television, see how they’ve managed to improve (or not) after receiving weeks of training from professionals. They then perform another song again in front of the audience and the one that has ‘Changed Their Tune’ the most will be crowned the winner and be awarded some kind of prize. The winner is decided by the studio audience.

Sounds OK I suppose and probably worth tuning in on a Sunday night when you’re still hungover and want someone to laugh at and then subsequently inspire you to get off your ass and do something. If you’re thinking about entering, applications aren’t available yet but should be very soon.

For more terrible singing, check out Blink 182 being absolutely terrible at Reading Festival a few years ago. Awful.


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