TV Reporter Saves Drowning Man After He Crashes In The Middle Of Live News Report (VIDEO)

He even tries to get a live interview with him afterwards.

A TV reporter over in Houston, Texas is being hailed a hero after he rescued a man from drowning in his car after the vehicle submerged underwater right by where he was giving a news report.

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As you can see in the video, the man who crashes is putting in a rather weak effort to get to safety and has possibly the worst front-crawl technique I have ever seen, so good thing Steve Campion from Eyewitness News was on hand to help him out.

Watch below:

Never mind him being a hero, can we talk about what an absolute pro this reporter is? He didn’t even let go of his microphone the entire time he was rescuing him. Even tried to get a live on the spot interview with the guy after he’d almost crashed and drowned to death. That’s a real professional right there.

Unlike the journo that Conoc McGregor had to shut down after he accused him of being racist.


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