Watch Conor McGregor Ruthlessly Cuss Out A Journalist Trying To Imply He’s A Racist

Conor McGregor

Classic straight talking Conor McGregor.

It must be fairly annoying when you’re a celebrity and verywhere you go you’re going to be followed by an unrelenting mass of journalists and paparazzi trying to take your photograph or ask you stupid questions, but unfortunately that is the price you pay and fortune and fame in this day and age.

However, it’s got to be especially annoying when the journalists are from somewhere like TMZ and they deliberately ask you leading questions that are designed to make you look like a racist however you answer them. That’s what happened to Conor McGregor in the video below, and Conor had the perfect response for it by absolutely shutting the stupid journo down and cussing him out about his choice of questions. Fair play:

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Absolutely told. I’m surprised Conor even bothers talking to this guy given the amount of stupid and deliberately reactionary questions he asks him, but I guess it just comes with the territory unfortunately.

I also loved the way he stopped himself from getting in the car and went over to sign some shit for the fans and take some photographs, even though he was visibly pissed off about this dude’s line of questioning and probably just wanted to get out of there and veg out in his car.. That just shows what a great guy he is, and if you need any more convincing then read this.


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