TV Reporter Lets Flood Victims Carry Her So She Doesn’t Get Expensive Shoes Wet



A Mexican TV reporter has been fired after a photo surfaced online showing locals carrying her down a flooded street.

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TV Azteca reporter Lydia Cumming, 24, was covering the devastating floods in Puebla when she had two residents offer to carry her to her next interview so she wouldn’t get her shoes wet. Apparently accepting their offer was a sackable offence?

Lydia says she didn’t have the proper clothing with her:

I should have been quicker to refuse the kindness of the people who only tried to help me.

I try to maintain a good relationship with people and I was afraid I would sound rude if I turned down the favour.

They carried me two seconds and after I asked them to put me down.

A photojournalist on the scene took a picture of her being carried and posted it to Facebook.


Her boss then tweeted about her dismissal:

She was fired yesterday. I’m sorry for what happened. Her attitude is regrettable and for this we sacked her.

The whole thing spawned a bunch of memes, naturally:



Is what she did really so bad though? Seems harmless to me. I mean that kind man and woman offered to carry her and like she says it’s rude to turn down a favour. Not to mention when that favour means your expensive shoes stay nice and clean. Much easier to just let a couple of locals carry you over the floods so you don’t ruin your shoes.

Having said though – that photo does make her look like a bit of an arsehole. Cheers guy who just had to take a picture.

To watch a bunch of feminists dump a bottle of piss over a reporter’s head for disagreeing with them, click HERE.



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