Feminists Throw A Bottle Of Piss Over Reporter’s Head For Disagreeing With Their Opinions

Lauren Southern Bottle Of Piss

So much for free speech.

We’ve featured anti-feminist reporter Lauren Southern on the site a couple of times before – most notably when she explained why she was against feminism and pulled out some very surprising statistics to support her argument – so it’s no surprise that she’s still seemingly doing her utmost to piss feminists off. However, I doubt that she expected the results that she received in the video below.

In it, she’s attending a talk by Augustus Invictus – who was once heavily criticised for admitting that he participated in a goat sacrifice – in Vancouver which is being boycotted by some feminists and what are described in the video as ‘social justice warriors’. However, Invictus was denied entry into the country so the protesters aren’t really protesting anything, and one of them decides to dump a bottle of urine over Southern’s head when she disagrees with her opinions. Not cool:

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(Forward to about 10:10 if you’re impatient)

Hmm. I’m all for women’s rights and equality but doesn’t this kind of devalue their arguments when they’re willing to throw a bottle of piss over someone who disagrees with them rather than engage in a debate with them?

It seems like kind of stupid behaviour to me when you’re trying to protest against something or a way of life/opinion. I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes though.

For more bottles of piss, check out this story about a landlord who found 200 bottles of them in a tenant’s bedroom. I bet it smelled real good in there.


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