Turkish Protester Gets Run Over By Tank TWICE; Somehow Manages To Survive (VIDEO)

Now that’s hardcore.

A Turkish protester with balls of solid steel threw himself under not one, but TWO tanks in Ankara on the weekend, and somehow didn’t end up in a thousand pieces.

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The footage was captured during the recent coup attempt where tanks rolled down the streets of Ankara and Istanbul as a military faction tried to overthrow the government.

Sabri Unal was armed only with a handful of stones when he saw the tanks incoming, so naturally he took an evasive approach (if you can call it that).

The 34-year-old seems to avoid the first tank but the second one leaves him badly injured in the middle of the road.

Not the brightest idea playing a game of chicken with tanks in the middle of a warzone, is it? The results speak for themselves really. Dude was left mangled in the middle of the road but luckily lives to tell the tale.

Still, you could argue he got away with it lighter than the Turkey’s Gay Pride demonstrators.


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