Turkish Football Fans Burn Down Their Own Stadium After Their Team Gets Relegated

And you thought Aston Villa fans were pissed.

Looks like fans of Turkish squad Eskisehirspor took relegation worse than fans of Villa/Norwich/Newcastle, having gone to extreme, fiery lengths to express their displeasure.

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Their team lost 2-1 to rivals Medipol Basaksehir, a result which left them dropping down into the second division in their final game of the seaon.

Supporters proceeded to completely trash the ground, injuring three people in the process, before burning the whole damn place to the ground.

Watch below:

I guess the Turks are just as crazy as the South Americans when it comes to football? In Engand a team like Aston Villa can have a horrendously shit season and all the fans will do is cry about it on Twitter and maybe bring a disrespectful banner to the games. Elsewhere though they’ll beat the shit out of each other, decapitate a referee and apparently even set their own stadium on fire. That’s real passion right there.

Then again there was at least one Villa fan prepared to get violent.


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