Turkish Engineers Have Built A Full Scale, Driveable BMW Transformer


Very cool.

Back when you were a kid, possibly the coolest thing about Transformers was the fact there was no way that a car could ever transform into a robot so it was utterly fantastic to mess around with Optimus Prime or whoever and pretend that it was real. Well, thanks to some Turkish company, this is now actually a reality.

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Letrons has decided to build a full scale, driveable BMW that also transforms into a robot if you press a button. It can then be operated via a remote control, and has the following design features: neck and head movements; dynamic hydraulic controls; arm and hand movements; and a dynamic lighting system.

Sounds too good to be true – and it kind of is because you can’t actually drive in the cars, just control them via remote control, but hey that’s still pretty impressive right? Take a look for yourself:

Wow. I’m not really sure why you would need a BMW that transformed into a robot, but it’s still really cool nonetheless that someone has actually created a real life working Transformer. Honestly never even considered that I would see the day.

For more Transformers, check out these hilariously awful voiceovers from the original series. Can’t really believe they let that happen.


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