Tupac’s Old Bodyguard Has Been Found Dead, Days Before He Was Set To Release Evidence That Would Prove He Was Still Alive


The conspiracy deepens.

The conspiracy surrounding Tupac and whether he was actually murdered or not has raged on for the past quarter of a century almost and it shows no signs of ever really going away, especially when people are still making stupid YouTube videos like the one below.

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The video features a guy called Johnny, who claims to be the brother of Tupac’s former security guard Michael Nice. Apparently Nice was all set to release evidence that would finally prove that Tupac was still alive, but just days before he was due to do this, he was found dead of ‘natural causes’ behind the wheel of his car.

Of course, Johnny doesn’t exactly believe that this is the true version of events – this is a conspiracy video after all – and believe that Michael was silenced by the same people that don’t want the world to know that Tupac is still alive. You can watch his dumb rant below or read some of what he says about the situation below that as well:

Unfortunately, a great man passed away.

He was found slumped at his wheel and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports came back saying natural causes but earlier that night, he told me he was going to a meeting and he wasn’t too happy about it.

I mean as cool as it would be if Tupac just appeared out of nowhere and had just been hanging out in Africa smoking weed or whatever for the last thirty years, the fact of the matter is that nobody is going to believe conspiracy videos when they’re as shoddy and half assed as this one. Just some random English guy talking on the phone without any back story or official death certificate or anything and then an image that could  literally be anyone posted up. Please try harder, I’m not buying it.

Probably shouldn’t even really be posting it to be honest but I know people like these conspiracy theories and it gets people talking. Hopefully Michael Nice’s death will be avenged when Tupac re-emerges and brings about world peace in the next couple of years, but I won’t hold my breath. Certain we’ll be seeing more of these dumb videos before the end of days though.

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