Locals Have Revealed They’ve Spotted Tupac Alive And Well In Cuba


He’s still alive.

There’s been of increased interest recently regarding Tupac and his apparent re-emergence in Latin America – whether or not this is anything to do with the fact that some unreleased music of his is about to see the light is anyone’s guess – but this latest story seems to comprehensively prove that he’s alive and well in Cuba.

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I say comprehensively but those aren’t my words with the phrase coming from the video below from some YouTube channel called CharlieBoyTV. They’re claiming that they visited a small town in Cuba to try and find Tupac and that most of the locals they met said that he was living there and having a great time.

Make of this what you will:

I mean that really doesn’t mean much does it? Showing a picture of someone from 22 years ago to some people in the street when we have no idea who they are and then talking to them in a foreign language about whether they recognise them is hardly screaming to me that it’s absolutely happening, does it? And if he’s been hanging out there so much why can’t they just track him down and actually get a picture with him? Answer me that CharlieBoyTV.

Anyway, despite this a whole bunch of people are viewing and sharing this video so maybe they are onto something? Hopefully CharlieBoyTV stays a while longer in Cuba and manages to track Tupac himself down. That’s the only way I’m going to believe it, sorry.

For more on Tupac’s apparent re-emergence, check out what Suge Knight’s son said the other day about it. A lot of people out there are believing.


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