This Tumblr User’s Love For Grave Robbing Is What Caused 2016 To Be So Terrible


She cursed it.

There are some things that you just don’t do in life, like opening up someone else’s letters without permission or punching babies in the face. Robbing bones from the dead is presumably one of these forbidden things – after all we usually wish the departed to “Rest In Peace” and nabbing bits of their remains surely doesn’t help them to do that. But one Tumblr user has been outed by the online community for disgustingly doing just that. 


Ender Darling, aka Littlefuckinmonster, has reportedly been stealing human bones from graves in Louisiana and has been posting about it on Facebook. One status explains that she finds the bones on the soil’s surface after bouts of bad weather and takes them for “work” or to perform “spells.” She also asks her friends if anybody would like to buy her handmade human bone crafts.



Whilst some of you may be thinking “what does it matter, they’re dead,” many of the deceased’s descendants will justifiably feel horrified at the thought of some entitled witchy millennial taking bones from their relative’s burial ground without permission for profit. Some victims will be spinning in their graves, minus an arm or two of course.

The self proclaimed witch is now facing charges following these allegations, after authorities found nearly a dozen bones and four teeth at her home. She faced one month jail time for burglary of a cemetery and trafficking human parts, despite claiming that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

According to Jezebel, the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office determined that the graveyard in question was Holt Cemetry, a New Orleans cemetery that has fallen into disrepair. They added:

New Orleans’ cemeteries are in need of extensive cleanup, preservation, and protection. It’s entirely possible to help out with that, through a nonprofit, say, instead of stealing human remains and claiming that “nature” gifted them to you.

Well now we know what hexed 2016. Illegally digging up bones is definitely the reason for all the celebrity deaths, Trump coming into power and the Alton Towers curse.


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