Tumblr King Pretty Puke Takes The Sickest Photos On The Internet (NSFW)

Meet the new King of the Internet.

Every now and then we come across a blog that we can’t stop scrolling through until we reach the end, and LA-based photographer Pretty Puke’s is definitely one of them. Just as we think we’ve seen it all, up will pop a picture of someone strapped to a gate completely naked aside from a Papa Smurf mask or a guy in a bunny suit dry-humping some random girl on a messy bed. A lot of his shit is really very weird but in the greatest way possible; his vibe is a bit like being completely fucked at a house party but pumped up to the extreme. He’s also photographed a whole bunch of US celebrities including Wiz Khalifa, Brooke Candy, Sia, Mykki Blanco, Big Sean and the ATL twins.

Though he’s one of Tumblr’s most infamous photographers, it’s surprising to hear that our dude doesn’t even own a computer and hasn’t for years. In an interview with Complex Mag he mentions that having this distance from seeing what everyone else is doing allows him to progress as an artist and not be too influenced by the style of other people.

I think that my images don’t allow people to get too comfortable. My images can come off as intense or dysfunctional at times, but regardless of what they stand for, I think people seem to relate to how playful the images tend to be.

Be sure to click through to browse the whole album, although if you’re at work it’s probably best that you close the tab. Enjoy:

(Click the arrows below to navigate through the slides.)


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