Everyone’s Ripping Into Tulisa For This ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ Cover

Oh dear.

Tulisa’s been a bit quiet ever since she got exposed as a cocaine fixer a couple of years back and subsequently lost her spot on the ‘X Factor’ judging panel.

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Now that that’s all died down, it’s peak time for Tulisa to make her comeback, and she’s decided on a 2016 remake of the Shanks & Bigfoot garage classic – ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’.

Here’s a teaser she dropped earlier:

Tulisa says:

I’ve taken the chorus of an old school classic and written around it. It’s one of the most loved tracks of the 90s, and one of my favourite songs as a child.

It was amazing to remake and rewrite a song like ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’, it feels like a good way to come back.

The general reception online hasn’t been what you’d call positive:

Comeback not off to a great start then. Why even mess with an original that still bangs today?

For Tulisa’s amazing answer when asked by a reporter if she’d had a nose job, click HERE.


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