Trump’s St. Patrick’s Day ‘Irish Proverb’ Turned Out To Be A Nigerian Poem

Donald Trump

Yet another clanger from the POTUS.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day today as I’m sure you all know, so if you’re not on the Guinness already I suggest hitting the bar ASAP and celebrating the vague Irish heritage that you have somewhere deep inside you. You know it’s in there somewhere.

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Anyway, there’s obviously a huge Irish population in America (have you ever met anyone from Boston?) and as such the President Of The United States normally has to be down with the nation – and in particular on St. Patrick’s Day. As such, Trump made sure to mention the Irish in a speech he made last night, even imparting one of his favourite Irish proverbs.

There was only one problem: the proverb wasn’t actually Irish, but came from Nigerian poem ‘Remember To Forget’, written by Nigerian Albashir Adam Alhassan. Fake news:

Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue, but never forget to remember those that have stuck by you.

Yeah, I haven’t heard that one before Trump, has anyone else? It’s a nice turn of phrase though sure, but you’ve really got to think where Trump and his scriptwriters are getting this crap from.

Do they really think that nobody is going to bother double checking this when they realise that nobody has ever heard this Irish proverb before? I’m kind of at the point now where everything is so ridiculous – and continues to be completely and utterly ridiculous – that I just think they’re doing it to deliberately troll the whole world. I mean what could be more fun than that eh?

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