Trump Taunts North Korea With Threat Of Nuclear War In Ridiculously Immature Tweet


‘My nuclear warhead is bigger than yours.’

If there’s one thing of having Donald Trump in power as US President for almost a year now, it’s that he’s still not afraid to tweet exactly what is on his mind at any one point no matter how puerile, infinite or just downright stupid it might be.

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Pretty much at least once a week you think that his tweets can’t get any dumber or any more ridiculous, but then he goes and out does himself in less time than you would ever expect. It might be a bit more difficult to do that though after he casually threatened North Korea with nuclear war in the latest instalment:

Yeah, that’s the most powerful man in the world tweeting to literally the entire world – and not even Kim Jong Un specifically, although truth be told I’m not sure that would make it any better – that his dick (re: nuclear weapon) is bigger than his enemy’s. Even if you were 12 years old I doubt that this would actually achieve anything/win the argument, but for some reason Trump still insists on following this course of diplomacy. Fantastic.

I would really like to say that this is a surprising turn of events, but nothing about Trump really surprises me anymore, even something like this. I know I said at the start of this article it might take a while for him to outdo himself with this tweet, but I reckon he’ll have done something by the end of the month, hands down. Let’s just hope that it isn’t actually pressing that ‘Nuclear Button’. Ugh.

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