Here’s A Trump Supporter Saying Chauvin Should Have Kneeled On George Floyd’s Neck Longer


It’s been an absolutely crazy year and I don’t think anyone is going to argue with that, but it seems like there are still some people out there who believe that the police were fully justified with their treatment of George Floyd last summer.

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I’m sure you remember that Floyd was killed by police when they arrested him for using fake money and one of their number Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for eight minutes on the pavement, despite his protestations that he couldn’t breathe. I think most of us would agree that his death was avoidable, but this Trump supporter below feels that this was a perfectly legitimate course of action and that Chauvin should have kneeled on his neck even longer:

OK, so let’s break that down so I’m not called out by anyone in the comments for being overly ‘woke’ or anything.

Yes, it does make sense that the guy says if Floyd hadn’t have been messing around with fake money than he would still be alive and that this is a crime that needs to be punished. However, I don’t think – and I would like to think that most people would agree – that it’s a crime that needs to be punishable by death so for this guy to say that Chauvin should have kneeled on him for longer, knowing that this would definitely  kill him is just disgusting and gross.

Not really sure what world he wants to live in – seemingly one where people are killed for breaking the law even slightly right there on the street without a trial – but I guess it’s one where Donald Trump is President. Kinda says it all really. Comments like his aren’t doing anyone any favours.

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