Trump Rioter Sacked After Storming US Capitol Wearing His Work Badge

Trump was right – these people are special.

I don’t think anyone would accuse the Capitol Hill protesters of being the sharpest tools in the shed, but the level of stupidity one of them is working with led to his immediate dismissal after he took part in the riots while wearing his work badge.

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Maryland marketing company Navistar have confirmed that they’ve sacked the unnamed man with immediate effect after he and his company ID badge were spotted in photos of rioters inside the breached building.

The dopey git was also wearing a MAGA hat and hanging out alongside QAnon supporter Jake Angeli.

In a statement, Navistar wrote the following:

Well I think that’s fair enough. Might’ve been a different story if he hadn’t shown up to the riots with his work badge hanging around his neck but I guess he wanted everyone to know he was ‘protester’ with an actual job? A rarity in these times.

Here’s a couple more photos of the guy:

Turns out he wasn’t he only attendee who lost his job either. According to CNN, an attorney from Texas also got the sack from his company after he spoke about his participation in Wednesday’s events on social media. Smart!

The man, named as Paul Davis, was seen in videos saying ‘we’re all trying to get into the Capitol to stop this’.

On Thursday, his employer, Goosehead Insurance, said on Twitter that ‘Paul Davis, Associate General Counsel, is no longer employed by Goosehead’.

Again, not the brightest bunch, but you’d think they’d have enough braincells between them to not show up with their work badges or mouth off about the events on social media. Apparently they weren’t even smart enough to wear masks during the whole thing as a means to conceal their identities… and we’re in the middle of a pandemic ffs!

Trump was right about one thing – these people are special.

For the Twitter thread suggesting that this week’s riots were just a preview to the ‘real uprising’, click HERE. 2021, everybody!


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