Trump Says That Nobody Has Done More For Iowa Than Him; Gets Roasted By Slipknot Fans

The dumbest beef of 2020?

It’s fairly safe to say that the state of Iowa isn’t known for much of anything and that its favourite sons are definitely legendary rock band Slipknot, who really helped to put the state on the map by naming their second album after it. Having said that though, I doubt many of us would actually be able to find it on a map.

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Anyway, bearing that in mind you can understand why Slipknot fans got pretty angry after Donald Trump suggested that he had done more for the state of Iowa than anyone else. Dude, your contribution doesn’t compare even slightly to Slipknot’s, behave, so obviously Slipknot fans decided to respond to the news day posting a series of GIFs and roasts on Trump via their Twitter accounts:

Lol that last one is funny isn’t it? What a sourpuss.

Anyway, this was a really dumb beef and I’m sure Slipknot themselves have heard about it so maybe this reaction will encourage them to perform a protest outside the White House or something and encourage all the maggots to sing Trump = shit. I would tune into that.

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