Woman Freaks Out When EBay Sends Her 40 Bags Of Live Tropical Fish By Accident

I would be pumped if I got this instead of a glass table.

21 year old Becky Smith from Harold Hill, east London, ordered an £185 glass table and chairs from eBay, but somehow ended up with something radically different — 40 bags containing 150 tropical fish.

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Her friend Jacqueline shot this video of Becky in near-meltdown mode as the two of them examined the packages:

Well, with the amount of shit being sent out across the world via eBay or online shopping in general, it’s amazing this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often. In fact I bet it does happen, we just don’t hear about it unless it’s a positively insane situation like getting sent 150 tropical fish which you have no idea what to do with.

But what about the person who (presumably) got a glass table instead of 150 tropical fish? What a bummer for that dude. At least this girl became a viral superstar (kinda) and has a bunch of awesome fish, the other person just has a lame glass table.

Hopefully, the person with the winning bid on Ronnie Pickering’s car got what they paid for.


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