This Volleyball Is A Serial Killer

Volleyball In The Face

One volleyball spike manages to hit three different guys in the face. It’s a killer!

Volleyball In The Face

Back in the summer during the Olympics I was really getting into volleyball. I preferred beach volleyball to regular volleyball because it seemed more skilful and exciting because it was only 2 on 2 and it reminded me of this awesome video game I used to have on my Gamecube called Beach Spikers where you got to play beach volleyball. It killed it. Ok, and obviously I preferred beach volleyball as well because the girls in it were super hot too, but that goes without saying really doesn’t it? In any case I saw some awesome rallies and shit going down in all this volleyball that I watched and I resolved to do some posts on Sick Chirpse about awesome volleyball ralleys and stuff like that, but like so many plans I have it just went by the wayside. Apologies if anyone would have liked to have seen that on here.

But yeah I saw this clip today and all these memories came flooding back and people seem to like it when we feature sporting fails on Sick Chirpse so it seemed appropriate that I featured this one. It’s gotta be one of the most awesome volleyball shots that I have ever seen in my life. It doesn’t just hit one guy in the face but three whole guys. It’s awesome. If you watch it quickly it looks like it only gets two guys because it’s so fast but it definitely gets the guy in the middle too but he acts all cool like it hasn’t hit him to try and avoid looking lame in front of all the cool dudes in his volleyball team, which is fair enough really. No idea about anything else in this clip i.e. who was playing or who got hit, but none of that stuff really matters, just enjoy seeing three doofuses getting hit in the face with a volleyball. Oh yeah, and apparently when three people get hit in the face with a volleyball it’s called a TRIPLE SIX PACK which is pretty awesome.

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