Take A Trip Around The Last City In America With No Laws

No Laws

People travel to Slab City when they want to drop out of society.

I’m sure that everyone has probably fantasised as least once in their life about dropping out of society and going to live in the middle of nowhere and literally live off the land, but most of us never actually have the balls to do it.

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Slab City is one of the places that you can go if you ever become brave enough to actually do this. It’s located in the Sonoran Desert in Imperial County, California and is said to be the last city in America with no laws. Mainly consisting of squatters and people that live in their recreational vehicles, the city is like no other you will have ever encountered, as the guys below found out when they went for a short tour of it:

Looks like a pretty fun place right? Kinda wish they had spent more time interviewing some of the other people who end up hanging there, but I suppose they got the wrong day if there only around seven people there. Probably should have done some better research into that.

Seemed like a great place to live though, but like I said at the start of this article I doubt I would ever have the guts to actually do that. Fair play to those that do though.

For more lawless communities, check out the gangs of Papa New Guinea. Kinda different.


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