Watch This Mental Fan Get His Ass Kicked After Trying To Attack Seth Rollins On ‘WWE Raw’

Seth Rollins

Don’t mess with WWE superstars.

Many WWE wrestlers inspire a lot of hatred from the fans for the way they conduct themselves, but most of the time the onlookers just shout at them and take signs to the event because they know better than to get into the ring and try to take them on.

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Not this guy though – he thought it was a good idea to jump the ring and confront Seth Rollins full on while he was cutting a Summerslam promo on The Demon King. Here’s what you saw if you tuned into Raw last night. WWE don’t want to show the fan getting into the ring as they want to discourage that behaviour, so they just stated that Rollins had ‘gone into a trance’ when he was staring at him:

Pretty dumb. Thankfully though, one guy in the arena managed to pick up the footage of what was really going on and you can see that the fan got absolutely mercilessly taken down by security and put in a headlock on the floor while they waited for backup to escort him out of the arena. Probably got a lifetime ban from all WWE events too, the numb nut.

Of course, this isn’t as good as the time HHH battered a fan who tried to attack Stone Cold, but it’s not a bad effort.


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