This One Trick Will Show You How To Twirl A Drumstick Perfectly



Playing the drums is hard enough, but we all know that the best drummers out there look damn good when they’re behind the kit too.

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One of the best tricks you can utilise to help you with that process is learning how to twirl your drumsticks properly and this picture set is going to help you nail that move just like that. Thomas Lang is the name of the man you have to thank:

Thomas Lang 2

I start the trick with a matched grip.

Thomas Lang 2

I use my middle finger to push the front end of the stick down.

Thomas Lang 3

Then I put my index finger on the butt end of the stick, while stretching out my ring finger and pinkie.

Thomas Lang 4

Thomas Lang 6

Thomas Lang 5

I roll it over my middle finger for one full rotation. If the tip starts at three o’clock, the tip ends at just over nine o’clock after one rotation. By the end I’m holding the stick between my middle and ring fingers.

Thomas Lang 7

From this position I roll the stick backwards, anti-clockwise around my middle finger.

Thomas Lang 8

Thomas Lang 9

I grab it with my index finger and bring it right over from my middle finger until it is back in the first position of my matched grip.

Thomas Lang 10

I repeat this motion, one full rotation, back and forth multiple times and that’s my twirl!

Nicely done, and it couldn’t have been explained any better. Get practicing.

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