This Drum Cover Of A 21 Pilots Heathens Remix Is Absolute Fire

Matt McGuire Drum Fills

Matt McGuire has some serious chops on the drums.

It’s not often that we feature videos of drum covers on Sick Chirpse, but when we do then they’re fucking special and this is absolutely no exception.

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Australian drummer Matt McGuire is someone I’ve never heard of but I’m sure I’m going to hear way more from in the future because this drum cover is absolutely insane. McGuire has combined two remixes of 21 Pilots’ Heathens (Disto X B&L apparently) and has come up with a drum video that is literal fire.

McGuire is all over the place in this video, blasting out crazy fills and beats which he has absolutely no place to be performing. Take a look of yourself because words can’t really do it justice:

Yeah, pretty nuts right? How is he even doing some of those beats/fills? Some of the timing is completely and utterly ridiculous.

Probably didn’t need to fall off his stool at the end though – kinda made the whole thing a bit less cool really didn’t’ it? Still, expect to hear big things from this boy in the future. Would be surprised if he hadn’t already been asked to join some completely sick band off the back of this video.

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