Game Of Thrones Fans: Who Would You Choose To Represent You In A Trial By Combat?

Here are the top 5 people dead or alive you want representing you in a trial by combat.

We’re going to keep this spoiler free but for those who don’t know a Trial by Combat is where you’re on trial and basically need to choose someone to fight on behalf of your life. If they get killed in a one on one fight to the death against someone of the court’s choosing, then you die too. So better pick one tough motherfucker.

Here are the top 5 people dead or alive you want representing you in a trial by combat:

5. Bruce Lee

You don’t need to know much about martial arts to know that Bruce Lee is as legendary as a legend can get. I’m pretty sure the guy never lost a fight so why should he start at your trial by combat? I wouldn’t even be nervous watching him compete against someone for my right to live because Bruce Lee does not lose. The guy didn’t even lift weights to get ripped; he worked out with a stick and his own body weight and had probably the most perfect BMI known to mankind, which means he’d be about 10x quicker than any opponent you put in front of him.

Here’s some other stuff Bruce Lee did:

Snatched a coin off someone’s open palm and replaced it with another coin before they could even close their hand.

One handed push ups using just his thumb and index finger.

50 one arm chin ups.

Could sidekick a 140kg bag and make it swing and thump the ceiling.

Held a v-sit position for over 30 minutes.

Put you on the ground with a punch from one inch away.

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