Here’s How Trey Parker Gets Ike From ‘South Park’ To Sound Like A Real Baby


Always wondered how they got him to sound so real.

‘South Park’ is one of the most iconic TV shows in the world, and now in its 20th season it shows no signs of letting up.

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I always figured that due to the adult nature of the show they just got adults who were really good at sounding like kids and babies to do all the voices, but it turns out that’s not the case at all. Obviously this hasn’t happened for every season, but right now Trey Parker is actually using his own daughter Betty to film the scenes in order to get the baby voices for Ike as spot on as possible.

Check out this cute clip of him teaching her how to say the line and then recording it:

Awww – I guess it’s kind of cool to teach your daughter to say ‘daddy’s a pussy’ right? I’m sure some would say it’s an example of bad parenting but I just think it’s fucking cool

I wish I was doing cool stuff like that when I was baby, stuff that’s literally going to be remembered forever and enjoyed by millions of people. Kind of hard to live my life in that shadow I suppose, but I guess Betty will cross that bridge when she comes to it.

For more South Park, check out this video showing more behind the scenes clips from voice acting sessions. Pretty much looks like the funnest job in the world.


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