Travis Scott’s Instagram Shows Him Congratulating Fans Who Got Hurt At His Shows


Travis Scott might act like he had no idea how bad things were at this year’s Astroworld event, but one look through his Instagram history suggests otherwise. The guy knows exactly how his fans get down and what’s more, congratulates them for blacking out, getting hurt, and putting themselves in danger. Here are some examples…

Obviously, these are NOT from last Friday’s Astroworld tragedy but rather from various Travis Scott gigs over the years. You would think someone on his PR team would have had the sense to go through his IG account and delete all these, but apparently not. You can bet the multiple lawyers currently filing lawsuits against Travis Scott will be using these images and more as evidence that Scott actively encouraged and incited the sort of behaviour that led to so many deaths and injures last weekend.

To be fair his behaviour at the event itself is probably bad enough, and there are hundreds and hundreds of eyewitness accounts and videos out there already…

Most recently (and it really sucks having to write this), 22-year-old Bharti Shahani has been declared braindead and is currently still on a ventilator in hospital, while 9-YEAR-OLD Ezra Blount is in a medically-induced coma after getting caught up in the stampede. What the hell is a 9-year-old doing at a Travis Scott concert?

Thoughts & prayers for Ezra, Bharti, and every other Astroworld victim dealing with the events of that night. Musicians and event organisers around the world need to do whatever possible to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t even come close to happening again.

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