Here’s How To Travel Around Europe For Free Using Tinder


Is there anything Tinder isn’t good for?

Everybody always wants to travel places, but they usually end up coming up with an excuse not to do it, like it’s too much money, they don’t know anyone, or they don’t have enough spare time. Well, the guys in this video have pretty much solved all these problems and they’ve done it all through everyone’s favourite hook up app Tinder.

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The pair are Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil and they run the YouTube channel Yes Theory. They were visiting London when they decided that they wanted to experience Europe as well but they only had the money for flights, so they decided to use Tinder to try and meet people and get them to buy them food and sort out accommodation for them.

And surprisingly they were remarkably successful – the pair visited Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris and whilst it wasn’t always easy to convince a girl to come and meet them, buy them food, take them out and let them sleep at their place, they stuck at it and ended up having an excellent time in each location. Here’s a highlight video of the trip:

Fantastic. Matt and Ammar reckon that they’re still in contact with most of the people that they hung out with and have started beautiful friendships with them. It did look like they had a good time, but to be honest I would be surprised if they ended up hanging out more in the future and becoming serious friends. I mean they live in different countries to begin with, but hey, fair play – I would love them to prove me wrong.

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